Monday, January 15, 2018

Valentines for Clay Lovers

So this is what I've been up to:

Plates, cups, votives, and tumblers made from porcelain clay have been my January projects. The picture above is of unfired ware - work in progress.

Each piece has a word or a message stamped into the clay with a variety of rubber stamp alphabets. Other decorative stamps and carvings add to the designs, and each one is different. Is it possible for me to make two pieces alike, ever? I don't think so.

They are intended as valentine gifts and will be offered for sale at the pop up organized by the Arts Council for Valentine's Day. The Valentine's market will be at the Princeton shopping center on February 9 and February 11.

More information to follow. And decisions to make on glazing. What will the finished ware look like? I'm eager to experiment. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Objects of Our Lives Ceramics

A pop-up store, "Objects of Our Lives," run by two gracious Turkish entrepreneurs has brought a minimalist, artisan crafted esthetic to downtown Princeton.

Deniz and Guniz Engur hosted a holiday party in the space last night, and as I have met the couple and attended some "Creative-Teas" there, I was on their email list and was invited.

So, I dressed in my classic Japanese jacket and walked there, hoping to at last have a good look at all their wares and to socialize.

Creative people, collectors and Turkish expatriates were there, and a long table set with edible delicacies.

I conversed with an architect, a jeweler and the parent of one of my art students from years ago, while trying not to spill red wine on my jacket. I did anyway. Fortunately, it is a tie-dyed pattern with reds and browns - it will blend right in.

I also photographed some of the ceramics that are for sale there, but in that party setting did not document what I was photographing, so I will not credit the artists at the risk of an error.

Nevertheless, these are some of the pieces that I admired in the store. An invitation extended to me by the jeweler to a show of her work along with that of a ceramic artist's promises to provide more impressions or fodder to inspire next year's work in Raisin studio.